Welcome! Please have a look around and check out some of my recent work. As you'lI see, I specialise in print media and also tinker around a little with web graphics. My clients value my experience, understanding of their target audience, and reliable service, with a focus on attention to detail. I've been delivering quality graphic design to corporate and non-profit clients for 26 years. My work communicates your message with honesty, creativity and impact. I hope that I can serve your design needs too, Joy Lankshear


In a nutshell: 26 years design industry experience • intimate knowledge of press standards • a streamlined design process • books • magazines • newsletters • posters • banners • brochures • flyers • logos • stationery • catalogues • point-of-sale • web gifs • web sliders


My client list includes: Anglican Church of Noosa • Australian Church Record • Bendigo Bank • Bible Society • Big Picture Inc. • Bolt Publishing Services • CMS • DEAMs Solutions • Future Trends Group • Gil Gordon • Hamlin Fistula Australia Limited •  Logosdor • Matthias Media • Melbourne University • Moore College • Morling College • New College • R2L • Ridley Melbourne • SMBC • SPA Dental • Strand Publishing • TAFE NSW—Corporate Marketing

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